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The online directly is kept up-to-date with current contact and committee information.


Log in to find Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Pulpit Supply Lists, Committee Rosters, or individual contact information. You can find church contact information and see churches displayed by region. You can also download and print directories.


When searching for a specific person, use only their first or last name with no spaces. Not sure how to spell the name? Use only the part that you know. The search engine is a little picky when it comes to spelling.

If you have questions on how to navigate the database, send an email with your question.

If you find that some of your contact information is incorrect, send an email to let us know what needs to be updated.

If you would like to hide some of your information from the directory, send an email and indicate the information you would like to keep private.

Do you need mailing labels? Contact our Communication Manager for help.