Teams & Committees

Commission on Ministry

The COM’s purpose is to serve as pastor and counselor to ministers, and Certified Christian Educators; to facilitate relations between congregations, ministers, Certified Christian Educators, and the presbytery; and to settle difficulties on behalf of the presbytery when possible.

Commission on Preparation for Ministry

The purpose of the CPM is to help all church members discern and fulfill their Christian vocation and to provide the best possible leadership for the church by assuring that persons who feel called to be teaching elders (ministers of the Word and Sacrament) receive the fullest personal and professional preparation for this office.


The Commission on Antiracism & Equity and Facilitators of Antiracism & Equity are charged to thoroughly, intentionally, and continuously assist the Presbytery of Chicago to root out and dismantle the evils of racism and white supremacy embedded in our structures and assist the presbytery to become a model for an inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural community free of all types of bias.

Mission Committee

The Mission Committee oversees and allocates funds for mission which have been approved by the Presbytery Assembly in the annual budget of the Presbytery. This funding is available because of the witness and generosity of many faithful Presbyterians who came before us and we are deeply grateful for their contributions to the ongoing ministry of this Presbytery.

Self-Development of People (SDOP)

This committee shall assist the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in carrying out its global commitment to work toward the self-development of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people, who own, control, and benefit directly from projects that promote long-term change in their lives and communities.

Nominating Committee

The Committee on Nominations coordinates the nominating process used to fill all vacancies on that require election by the presbytery.

Permanent Judicial Commission

The presbytery’s Permanent Judicial Commission is the ecclesiastical court given the authority to carry out the principles of church discipline within the presbytery.

Commissioners to the Synod of Lincoln Trails

The Presbytery of Chicago elects two ruling elders and two minister members (also called teaching elders) to serve as Commissioners to the Synod of Lincoln Trails. The Synod is a regional council within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) consisting of several states or regions across the United States. The Synod of Lincoln Trails comprises the states of Illinois and Indiana. There are eight presbyteries within this Synod, including the Presbytery of Chicago. SOLT meets in an assembly meeting ordinarily twice a year.

Commissioners to the General Assembly

The Presbytery of Chicago elects four ruling elders and four minister members (also called teaching elders) to serve as Commissioners to the General Assembly (GA).  The GA is the highest council in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and it consists of all the presbyteries in the whole PC(USA) across the United States.  The GA meets every other year, currently in the even numbered years.

Presbytery Coordinating Commission

Presbytery Coordinating Commission is the primary administrative unit of the Presbytery of Chicago. It has broad responsibilities for recommending the mission priorities of the Presbytery of Chicago, coordinating the implementation of mission and governance, overseeing support systems, and nominating the Committee on Nominations.

The following ministries are accountable to PCC:

Administration Team

The Administration Team provides oversight for the business affairs and property matters of the Presbytery.

Constitutional Procedures Work Group

The Work Group provides encouragement, guidance, and resources to churches to help in the proper maintenance of session minutes and records, and provides independent review and recommendation to Presbytery Assembly on new Book of Order amendments transmitted from the General Assembly.

Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group

The Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Work Group cares for the Presbytery’s relationships with other Christian denominations, with other spiritual and religious communities, and with ecumenical and interreligious organizations and bodies.

New Worshipping Communities Committee

This committee cares for and supports new worshipping communities and immigrant fellowships throughout the region and makes recommendations to the PCC and the Presbytery regarding financial support.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees and reviews the work of the Presbytery staff.

Presbytery Assembly Planning Team

The Planning Team oversees the planning and leadership of the worship and business portions of the Presbytery Assembly meetings.

Mental Health Committee

The mission of the Mental Health Committee is to provide mental health education, training, spiritual support, and resources for congregations and the larger community, as we are called to compassionately journey together through mental health challenges.

Creation Care and Justice Ministries Committee

CCMJ educates and equips congregations to cultivate, create care partnerships across the Presbytery and supports creation care and eco-justice advocacy.