Presbytery Coordinating Commission

The Presbytery Coordinating Commission (PCC) is the primary generative, strategic, and fiduciary unit of the Presbytery. PCC members also serve as the Board of Trustees for the Church Extension Board of the Presbytery of Chicago (CEB) – which is the Presbytery’s corporate name in the State of Illinois.

The PCC is composed of 16 members (at full capacity). Members include the moderator, moderator-elect, and immediate past moderator of the Presbytery Assembly; the moderators of the Commission on Ministry, the Commission on Preparation for Ministry, the Commission on Anti-Racism and Equity, and the Mission Committee, or their designees; and nine at large members.

The PCC is staffed by the Presbytery Executive, Treasurer, and Stated Clerk and Business Manager, as ex officio members, with voice but without vote.

Various sub-committees (whether called a committee, a work group, or a task force) carry out the work of the PCC, and report to the PCC.