Ministry: Presbyterian Church of Palatine

Position type: Treasurer

City: Palatine

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Job Description

Job Title:                   Treasurer

Accountable To:        Pastor/Head of Staff

Reports To:               Head of Staff, Stewardship Committee, and Personnel Ministry Team Moderator

Status:                        Part Time, Salaried Position


Remit payments for vouchered invoices / receipts, prepare and distribute payroll checks, maintain Federal and State payroll reports, prepare monthly financial statements, reconcile bank and investment fund statements, report monthly to the Stewardship Ministry Team and Session.

15-20 hours/month



  • Confirm that all invoices are properly approved. Prepare checks and post in Quick Books.
  • File vouchers and supporting documents.
  • Sign checks. The treasurer is authorized to sign checks up to $5000. All checks over $5000 require the signatures of two corporate officers.
  • Distribute or mail checks.


  • Update payroll records and prepare payroll checks and reports.


  • Prepare bank reconciliation. Oversee cash flows and make recommendations when necessary.
  • Prepare a back-up disc after the month is complete and the bank account has been reconciled. Put disc in church safe in office supply room.
  • Reconcile any investment fund account statements received. Record investment interest if required.
  • Prepare payments for pastor’s 403B savings.
  • Prepare payment to the Board of Pensions for the pastor’s benefits.
  • Prepare payments for credit card charges on a timely basis.
  • Prepare the required transfers between the bank and investment accounts.
  • Prepare and record the payment of Federal Tax Withholding, Medicare and Social Security.
  • Prepare Treasurer’s report for Stewardship Ministry Team and Session.
  • Prepare Monthly payroll report for the Personnel Team
  • Prepare the Mission Disbursements Report for the Stewardship Team moderator.
  • Attend Stewardship Ministry meeting and present the financial statements.


  • Prepare the payroll quarterly report and the payment for Illinois state tax withholding/payment report.(Form IL-941)
  • Prepare payroll federal tax withholding report. (Form IRS-941)
  • Prepare the following payments:
    • Insurance payment that covers commercial package, umbrella and workers’ comp.
    • Session-designated pledge/benevolence payment to Chicago Presbytery which includes a portion for the General Assembly, Synod and Chicago Presbytery.
    • Donor-designated benevolences
    • Ministry Teams / Session directed benevolences.
  • Prepare and distribute Ministry Team reports.
  • Attend the session meeting and present quarterly financial statements.
  • Prepare Quarterly Payroll Report for the Personnel Team.


  • Finalize the annual treasurer’s report, including a cash flow statement for Session and the congregation.
  • Assure that all benevolences have been disbursed and prepare the Annual Benevolence Report.
  • Ensure that all clearing accounts are at zero or are reconciled.
  • Provide Clerk of Session information for the Finance Report section of the Clerk of Session Annual Report to Presbytery.
  • Issue 1099-MISC forms and the 1096 form for independent contractors in accordance with IRS rules.
  • Prepare the Annual Status Report for the Mulvey College Fund and mail it to the Mulvey family. (This was not being done before I started as Treasurer so it has not been done under my term)
  • Prepare reports for Workers’ Compensation Insurance Reports as requested by the insurance carrier for Personnel Team.
  • PENSION BOARD SALARY/SERVICE CHANGE FORM: The Pension Board whenever the pastor’s salary or service tenure changes need a change form.  Provide report to Personnel team to determine the pastor’s “Effective Salary”. Personnel Team files the form with the Pension Board for their dues assessment to our church.
  • Prepare the Annual Payroll Report for Personnel Team.
  • Issue W2 forms by January 31 to all employees who were on the payroll during the year. Prepare and send W3 forms (Federal and State) when appropriate.
  • Follow up on any audit recommendations to improve on internal controls.


Education and Experience

A high school diploma is required. Higher education and training are desirable, particularly if it is in accounting and/or finance. Must have excellent mathematical and organizational skills.  Need to be familiar with Quick Books.

Language Skills

Must be able to communicate well in both written and verbal forms.

Other Abilities

Must have the ability to use discretion and keep confidentiality.

Must have the ability to work cooperatively with both individuals and committees and be politely responsive to requests for information.


How To Apply:

Please email a cover letter and resume (in one document) with the job title in the subject of the email.