Ministry: First Presbyterian Church of Evanston

Position type: Interim Director of Children's Ministry

City: Evanston


EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Exempt, Salaried, Part-Time (30 Hrs. per week)
REPORTING TO: The Senior Pastor

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Create and maintain an overall structure for sustainable ministry to children from birth through 5th grade that seeks to accomplish the church’s vision of knowing Christ, following Christ, serving Christ, and integrating them into the church family at large.

1. Work with the Our Children, Our Families Council to create an overall structure for sustainable children’s ministry. Tasks would include:

  • Establish with the council children’s ministry goals and objectives in line with the church’s mission and the church’s strategic plan, effectively communicate them to volunteers and parents, and work with the council to provide for the effective administration of the children’s ministry.
  •  Coordinate Sunday morning Christian Education programs for children including staffing classrooms with background-checked and trained teachers and volunteers.
  • Provide theologically appropriate curriculum and materials that align with the mission of FPCE for all children’s classes and activities.
  • Establish with the help and support of the Our Children, Our Families Council, a sustainable Christian Education program that provides a clear discipling path for infants through 5th grade children.
  • Oversee and facilitate an inclusive worship experience for children, coordinating the children’s message, planning and leading Children’s Worship, and integrating children into regular worship leadership through scripture reading, leading prayers and musical participation.
  • Organize and lead special children’s worship services including the Christmas Family Service.
  • Oversee the implementation of seasonal children’s events including VBS, Easter Events, Advent, Teacher Dedication and Teacher Recognition events.
  • Coordinate spiritual development opportunities for children’s families including Family Small Group and the annual Family Camp.
  • Recruit, equip, support, train and recognize volunteers serving the children’s ministry.
  • Be an advocate for and provide prayers for and support to children, parents and families.
  • Facilitate the application of new programs within the children’s ministry that lead to spiritual and numerical growth.
  • Other duties as assigned.

2. Administrative Tasks to maintain a sustainable children’s ministry:

  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers have passed the necessary criminal background checks and have read and are compliant with the Child Protection Policy.
  • Coordinate proactive communications for the children’s ministry through newsletters, e- mails, bulletin announcements, the web site, social media and others as needed.
  • Oversee safety procedures for children, equipping volunteers to handle emergency situations and communicating church safety policy requirements to volunteers and families.
  • Supervise the recording and maintenance of program databases and financial records, including scholarships. Manage the use of the facilities using the church calendar program.
  • Work with the budget team to create an annual budget.
  • Other duties as assigned.

3. Responsibilities to promote the integration of the children’s programs into the church family at large:

  • Meet with the Head of Staff bi-weekly to report on job successes and challenges.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and occasional planning retreats.
  • Collaborate with other program staff to involve children in the life of the church in age-appropriate ways.
  • Other duties as assigned.

How To Apply:

Please email a cover letter and resume (in one document) with the job title in the subject of the email.