2024 Changes in Terms of Call Reporting Form

This form is for reporting any changes in terms of call for ministers serving in installed pastoral relationships. Changes must be approved by the Congregation and the Presbytery of Chicago. We use the information only for Presbytery purposes; it is not sent to any other agency. Please submit this form by March 4, 2024.

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Compensation INCLUDED in Effective Salary:

Minimum Terms of Call: Salary and Housing Allowance - Total: $57,000
Note: 2023 Board of Pensions Benefits Plan dues for a minister member is 39% of this amount: 29% for Medical, 8.5% for Pension, 1% for Death & Disability, .5% for Temp. Disability.

Compensation NOT INCLUDED in Effective Salary:

SECA Offset (7.65% of Line 6)
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