An Invitation to Pause During Lent

I come from a Pentecostal tradition that believes in fasting during Lent. As Lib Caldwell writes in her book, Pause, “This practice of fasting helps some people to connect with Jesus’ life of sacrificial love and his invitation to follow him and do as he does, choosing to live in response to his teaching by practicing surrender.” Lib goes on to share the idea of using Lent as a time of taking up a spiritual discipline. Deborah Block taught a similar idea when I served in Milwaukee. She encouraged me to take up reading, so during Lent I read 6 books, a book per week.

This Lenten season I would like to read Pause: Spending Time with the Psalms. But I would like to read it along with a community of others. The book is designed to be read throughout the Lenten season. I plan to read it as a weekly devotional along with my other books. What if we ended the reading with a Lenten soup supper and table conversation? I’m sure I can find a church that can host us on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday.

I confess, I don’t know how to organize this. But it begins with people simply saying they are willing to travel the Lenten journey and would like to read along with me. I’m open to ideas! We will use a section in the Connect to communicate and reflect as we go through the season.