Welcoming New Neighbors

If you have been around the Fourth Presbyterian Church campus in recent days, you may be aware that migrant families from Central and South America—comprising approximately 370 individuals—are currently being offered a place to stay nearby. They have arrived in the last several days on buses from Texas.

While these families find a place in our city, we are already helping address some immediate needs. In particular, the Social Service Center and Fourth Church Meals Ministry are working with these families to provide them with food and clothing assistance.

To aid in this work, we very much need individuals who speak Spanish to assist with translation. If you can help with translation or know someone who could, please sign up here.

As a church and Chicago Lights we are also in conversation with partners around the city, working to identify ways that we can join together to coordinate and supplement, while avoiding duplicating, efforts to welcome these families, coordinate access to schooling, employment, housing, and more.

As we determine specific ways in which we as a congregation will continue to partner in these welcoming efforts, we will let you know. In the meantime, please join me in holding in prayer these new neighbors in their time of transition, as their long journey brings them to Chicago to seek more secure, safe, and stable lives for their families.

Shannon J. Kershner