Director of Vocal Music, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church

Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
Please email cover letters and resumes to [email protected]

Job Position: Director of Vocal Music Salary: $15,000 – $17,000/year
Start Date: August 1, 2022

Minimum of two years’ professional experience in the field of music or music education.
Highly skilled in musicianship and ability to direct choirs and choral ensembles.
Skilled working with adults and children of all ages.
Demonstrated experience in choral pedagogy; skilled at coaching and developing singers with novice to professional musical experience.
Possessing both a broad knowledge base of and passion for interconnecting music styles.
Strong understanding of traditional worship liturgy and congregational music.
Understanding and experience of PCUSA theology preferred.

Embodies an empathic and patient spirit in working with others.
Is highly organized and able to plan in advance.
Is adaptable to last-minute changes and ability to pivot on short notice.
Is a team player, focused on growing engagement and participation in the music ministry.

While striving for musical excellence, to prioritize inclusivity, health, and safety.
Work closely with the Director of Instrumental Music to plan and provide music during all worship services during the program year (mid-September
Work closely with the Director of Instrumental to recruit volunteers to provide music during summer worship services (mid-June
Involve Fair Oaks participants of all ages and skill levels in making vocal music fostering gifts for music, fostering gifts of leadership, community, and connection with worship.
Support the mission of LOGOS to include all ages in musical offering during worship by providing music leadership to PB&J (grades 1
2), Musical Notes (grades 3 5), Intermission (grades 6 8), and Encore (grades 9 12).
Recruit soloists and ensembles and add vibrancy to the music ministry and hire special musicians within budget guidelines.
Work with the Director of Instrumental Music to provide for special music and music staffing for memorial services and special services and provide oversight for special non-worship, church-related musical events.
Research and select music appropriate to the age and abilities of adults and children and work with the co-pastors to ensure that the service musical offerings are thematically appropriate and reflective of the Scripture lessons for the service.
Attend weekly staff meetings, Sunday hospitality (bi-monthly), Worship Committee meetings, church social events (as requested) and other
meetings deemed necessary to the church’s music ministry. Provide oversight of administrative responsibilities of the vocal music ministry, including

correspondence and music budget expenditures. Maintain the vocal music library, including purchasing new music, filing, purging, cataloging, and keeping within copyright guidelines.
Consult with the co-pastors, the Director of Instrumental Music, and the Worship Committee to coordinate music ministry offerings and schedules in a safe fashion, considering all necessary protocols for virtual, hybrid and in-person worship and/or practice sessions.

The Director of Vocal Music reports to the co-pastors and works closely with the Director of Instrumental Music, the Worship Committee, the Personnel Committee, the LOGOS Board, the church organist, and volunteer church singers and musicians.

The Director of Vocal Music’s performance will be evaluated annually by the Personnel Committee with input from the co-pastors and the Worship Committee.

Expected Work Hours and Compensation
The Director of Vocal Music will be expected to work approximately 39 hours per month from September through mid-June. Hours for mid-June through August are dependent on the scheduling of memorial and special services as needed.

Compensation will be $15,000 – $17,000 per year. The Director of Vocal Music will be entitled to any FOPC benefits for which they may be eligible, as outlined in the FOPC General Personnel Guidelines, as updated June 7, 2018 (“the FOPC Guidelines). In addition, they agree to abide by all provisions of the FOPC Guidelines during their employment by FOPC. All employment with FOPC is “at will.” This means that either the employee or FOPC may end the employment relationship with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, except as otherwise provided by law.